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As a couple, we have more than 15 years of CrossFit experience, 12 years of coaching and over 30 years of teaching/managing people. Fourteen years ago we started our pursuit of health and fitness and have seen first hand how it transforms lives. After four years of being CrossFit athletes and furthering our knowledge of CrossFit through training and educational courses, we were presented an opportunity of a lifetime…run a CrossFit Affiliate.


This was something we had dreamed about as a couple but knew it was a big responsibility and questioned if we were equipped for the job. After much prayer and council with trusted mentors we felt confident this was the direction that God was taking us and we just needed to create a safe space, use our gifts to the best of our abilities, love on everyone who came into the gym and trust God for the rest!! Boy was that a great decision!


Since 2014 we have been able to purchase the gym, see the love of God shared with every person who has come through the doors, amazing relationships grow and develop, peoples lives transformed from the inside out, confidences built, bodies changed, so many fitness goals met and people putting their health and wellness as priority and their quality of life improve. Man, what a great privilege to witness such awesome change! As a couple we are passionate about keeping Christ, family, health and fitness at the center of all we do and can’t wait to see who and what the future brings to Stronger Together Fitness through CrossFit Maumelle and our other programs. We hope it includes YOU! We are Stronger Together.

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